PsychoTherapy & Counselling

In-Person & Online Sessions

Sessions & Fees

• Introductory Session - £50

• Individual Therapy -£60-£80*

• Supervision for Counsellors- £60

• Couples Therapy -£120-£150*

*Fee rate depending on affordability.

Introductory Sessions are paid in advance.

All other fees will be invoiced after sessions.

Individual sessions: 50 minutes.

Couples Session: 60 minutes.

Registered with WPA health insurance.

UK practice rooms:

Cheltenham & Crowthorne.

UK & International :

Online platform (ZOOM)

Please make contact and we will find a time for us to meet.

Children & Young People

We now understand that Adolescence stretches far beyond the formally recognised ages of “adulthood”. Our brains at this time are pruning what we no longer need and also are on fire with the space this creates. It’s exciting and scary and confusing all at the same time.

Who are we? What will others make of us? How do we identify for others and how do we identify with ourselves? Who can we trust? Who can we love? How can we say goodbye and how do we say hello? So many questions and doubts and uncertainty. But also a sense of independence, choice and anticipation.

My job is not to push or pull, but to stand by your side and go through this with you. There is no right way and we can work out the best way for you. I can help with a bit of psycho education so you understand better, what’s actually going on inside your brain and to help manage anxiety. Together we can navigate how and why you feel like you do and why maybe it all feels too hard and exhausting. This takes a bit of trust, but I will do my best to work on this and earn the right.


From the very moment we are born, we start to lay down our own velcro strip of experiences. As we go through life, new experiences try to find a part of that velcro to stick on, which is not always the right or best place. This is how we begin to repeat patterns that may not always be that useful for us.

In therapy/counselling, we can gently try to take apart these repeating patterns. By thinking about early experiences and how they may be impacting on us now, we will be able to start the easing process.

I will provide a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space where you may talk openly and freely. We will work together to find a way of moving forward and to implement change.


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